An evening ghost

by Tina Ratzinger



released April 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Tina Ratzinger Nantes, France

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Track Name: We almost live twice
A black fighter runs over me

He seems to be a pretty knife shining 

He said all apologies for the wounds

I don't take pleasure while you shout
He said we almost live twice
I hope you can forget that dream

We almost live twice

Black fighter runs to south
Track Name: Housework
We live in town we waste our time
Sitting in a screen, lost in money
There is a dog, no one more

Until the end that's fun and fall
Until the end we dive
In water you watch
your hair

Housework bring home voices
A underwater talk instead of their faces
Track Name: An evening ghost
You lie, you lie, you lie…

From the baseboard come the ghosts
They slide on the walls
They move in the room
They set up in each thing

Everything looks at me
Everything is so clever
Bad dreams to relieve

They said,
You lie, you lie, you lie…

Typical noises from the past
Typical colors of that time

Everything looks at me
Everything is so clever
Bad dreams to relieve

I'm now in a stranger flat
Giving my desk to a stranger guy
I'm now in a stranger bed
Giving my dream to a stranger guy

You lie, they said
Track Name: Tina
I've heard the beast slavering inside Tina Oppenheimer
I guess no one can help her

She's lost in blood

Her eyes in bloom

She's now a clown

She spits her mind

I've seen her head

As a skinned anatomical figure

The gentleness is definitely gone (to her)
Track Name: Around the bridge
I'm looking at the ground
To catch it when it falls
It falls in time
For a while it's gone

I walk the dead world
No grindings anymore

There's no more tints
No more paintings

There's no more eyes

No more faces

I crossed the bridge

I'm now drenched

Drenched in lies

Caught by a dream