Dark lanes

by Tina Ratzinger



released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Tina Ratzinger Nantes, France

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Track Name: Dark lanes
You saw a guy, in the dark
He could be your friend
Or your death

You feel that man, in that lane
He could have some sweets
He should have
The stranger is walking
He could be a madman
Or your worst enemy

He could be your friend
You will be his death
Track Name: Crowns
How he feels when he forgives
How much they pay for that
How he feels when he absolves
How many dead eyes
In front of his crown
Track Name: Radio tears
An electric thought lands on a tear drop
Both are looking for flames
Both looked for each other for a long time
An electric flash strips the room down
And fades
An ecstatic thought lands on the radio set
And scrambles the show
My radio weeps
I enjoy the scratch
Track Name: Some horses
We build to get what's lost
In your dreams
We paint on your black eyes
Some horses
You're asleep and feel weary

You feel as cold as dead
You no longer shiver man
Track Name: Narcisse
I sense the end
Snacking around
On the marble
Of our dead desires
I sense the end
Snacking in our head
That doubt you give
That beauty you give
Our visions are blowing
Our bodies freeze
Track Name: Screens
On the highest roof
of the worst town stand
a cold crew,
just ready to jump.

Here they are now
over the streets
over the daily treats
of the tv flow

They will fall from their dreams anyway
They will blast your night away
They will fall and come in your home
to burn you screen on the way
They will burn your screen