by Tina Ratzinger

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released December 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Tina Ratzinger Nantes, France

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Track Name: Nevermore
You don't have that grace anymore
All your life smells like nevermore
You don't mind the phlegm anymore
All the time you shiver and bore

You just need some blood
You just have a knife
You just need some wine
You just have your fears

Oh Lord you're nervous
Like a dead hen
My Lord what's happened
In your long night
You Lord you're safe now
In a long dream
My Lord you nervous
Your eyes are open
Track Name: Journeys
I stand there alone
I feel it in my bones
I'm starring at the east
People goes like beasts
All the dreams are clean
And all the screams are muffled

All the cars at dawn
Drive some journeys, down
All the roads are drowned
I dive within the stones

I stand there again
It starts to soak my brain
I'm starring at the beasts
They go down just like this
All the days are clean
And all the screams are muffled
Track Name: If the darkness
I stand here on the line
Behind which there's a hole
I stand here in the cold
No need for your waves

And now who cares
Nothing left from the past few days
Nothing stands in our flesh
But some ills
And now who lives in the pain

I stand here on the line
Just beside the hole
I stand here on a island
It is falling
Track Name: Run that way
Run that way
Don't even try to say that you want more
You're trapped

Run as a prey
You're trapped
Track Name: Opale
Ceux qui sans se soucier
Des airs qu'ils propagent
Ceux qui sans pourtant crier
Ont l'air de sauvages
Eux qui ramassent demain
Se voient déjà hier

Ceux qui sur les hauteurs
S'imprègnent du vide
Ceux pour qui les grandeurs
Se teintent d'acide
Eux qui ramassent pour rien
Se noyaient déjà hier

Dans leurs circuits
Brûlent des lames
Elles s'enchainent à leurs corps
Les trainent ailleurs
Dans leurs pupilles
Circule la lave
Des volcans éteins depuis toujours
À l'intérieur de leurs corps
On voit le vide
Sur leurs os pâles
L'opale traîne ici ou là
Dans leurs cervelles

Ils campent là-haut
Ne savent plus quoi faire
De leurs ailes
Track Name: Red-haired
The station falls
And some pictures
Some nice slivers
The station falls
I saw you there
You, pretty red-haired

Your smile goes down on me
Your eyes stroke down the time

The station falls
I saw you go
Some pictures fall
Some blue memories
You pretty red-haired

Your smile goes down on me
Your eyes stroke down the time
Track Name: Another bastard
You have to run
Oh don't stumble
I'm just behind

You have to think
About your hands
I will cut off

You're the sinner
Who will burn
Another bastard
It's your turn

The dirty hands
On my lovely bird
That dirty look
I will cool down

You have to run
No don't stumble
I may have a gun

You have to sleep
In the pain for hours
Your velvet dream is gone

I will snatch
Every parts
Of your being
Track Name: Hangover
Where is our fucking youth
Where does it get lost
Where is the sonic lash
And who still have a ghost
Track Name: No day
There is no day
We just float between two waves
There are no things
We just think about the blank
There are no goods
Wild section goes away

We're just arrived
That's the big after
We're just arrived
Can't tell if it's better

Where I go
I feel like a stranger
Track Name: A thousand dawns
Walking over the lands
Drifting as a bird and go
Always South
To move and dream in circles

Hanging around and see
The Lord as a bird who go
Always far
To catch the Thing across the air

As the Thing spreads
The Lord sadly goes
Over the lands

The lands below
Drift as well
The moon so close
Shines like hell

The towns below
Shift today
We sadly watch
The waste of time

Everything looks tired
Everything could have slept
For thousand years

For thousand years we dreamed
Just didn't know the Lord and the Thing
For thousand years we preyed
Just didn't want to wake
Inside a shape of this town